#Biz-Idol Challenge: Airpeace offers winner automatic employment

One of the star winners in the ongoing #Biz-Idol Challenge by The Top10 Magazine, Miss Dunu Iruoma has been offered automatic employment by Airpeace, Nigeria’s largest airline.

Miss Iruoma, a youth corper member serving in Ekiti state has been given automatic employment by chairman and chief executive officer of the airline Mr. Allen Onyema for her winning entry in The Top10 Magazine #Biz-Idol Challenge episode (8.0) which had Mr. Onyema as the Biz-Idol of the week with the topic “why Allen Onyema is my business Idol’.

Miss Iruoma’s entry was picked as the winning entry of the week ahead of all other entries.

Mr. Onyema who had earlier invited the publisher of The Top10 Magazine, Mr. Tony Iji to bring Iruoma to his Ikeja GRA headquarters, broke the good news to Iruoma in the presence of her uncle who escorted her to the meeting. Mr. Onyema expressed satisfaction with the girl’s write-up on him and decided to offer her automatic employment in his company, Airpeace Airline. He told the lady to come and resume in Airpeace airline as soon as she is done with her youth service.

The young lady who was full of appreciation thanked Mr. Onyema for his magnanimity and said that the appointment is just coming at a very good time for her as she will be rounding up her service in Ekiti state on October 15,2020, just barely two weeks’ time. Apart from the job offer, Mr. Onyema also gave the lady handsome amount of money as cash reward.

Mr. Onyema also commended Tony Iji, the publisher of The Top10 Magazine for his initiative of creating the #Biz-Idol Challenge, which has helped to keep the youths busy intellectually, especially at a critical time when most of the youths are forced to be at home due to Covid-19 pandemic. He commended the Magazine for coming out with something unique that will help in developing the youths intellectually against the current trend of negative use of social media by the youths. He said that the programme has potential of adding value to the society in many ways and therefore promised to give his support to the Magazine. He said he has recently benefited from related recognitions from some other media outfits and some schools. He challenge other media houses to take a cue from such initiatives that will be of benefit to the society.

Mr. Iji who had earlier explained the idea behind the concept of the #Biz-idol Challenge said that the project is a multipurpose initiative of creating a platform to engage the youths intellectually, shape their entrepreneurial thinking and to provide them weekly meager pocket money. He said that since the commencement of the exercise, the results have been wonderful beyond the initial expectations. He promised to sustain the initiative as a little way of his Magazine’s contribution to intellectual development, and empowerment of the youths.

The #Biz-Idol Challenge is a competition where youths are required to write on successful business leaders as their business Idol. Every week, a successful business leader is chosen for the participants to write-on and the youth with the best entry of the week wins #10,000 Pocket money as winning prize. The job offered to Miss Iruoma by Airpeace Nigeria is the second time a winner in the Challenge is benefiting from the personality they have written on.

Earlier, the chairman of Peace Mass Transit (PMT), one of the largest road transport companies in Nigeria rewarded another winner, Miss Barick Ritarilla with the sum #50,000 in the episode that featured him as the Biz-Idol of the week. Miss Barick Ritarilla is a student of the law school Abuja.

Mr. Iji expressed fulfillment that his main objective of creating a platform that will help the youths to access opportunities from business leaders is coming to fulfillment. He expresses hope that other business leaders will take a cue from Mr. Onyema to create opportunities for smart and intelligent youths who demonstrate exceptional creative writing skills in the competition.