NYSC Partners with New Horizons to Empower Corp Members with IT Skills

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has partnered with New Horizons, one of Nigeria’s largest IT solutions providers, to provide IT training to the 350,000 NYSC Corp members who participate in the program annually. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on April 25th, 2023. Director General of NYSC, Brigadier General YD Ahmed presented an Award of Excellence to New Horizons as the only IT partner recognized for its participation in the growth of IT. NYSC also recognized Tim Akano/New Horizons for their contribution towards the realization of the NYSC mandate.

New Horizons has been offering scholarships to NYSC corp members for 17 years, awarding up to 20,000 scholarships to corp members who lack the funds to take the training of their choice. The scholarship package allows corp members to take training without breaking the bank.

New Horizons trains up to 40 corp members annually around the country, and the training program’s impact has been felt across the nation. The program has enhanced the value and employability skills of corp members and produced students who have gone on to do great things in Nigeria and other countries.

“We urge NYSC corp members to take advantage of this training opportunity to enhance their chances of becoming self-reliant and contributors to the growth of Nigeria’s national economy,” said Director General of NYSC, Brigadier General YD Ahmed.