Nigeria’s Top 10 Real Estate Disruptors 2021


Innovations in housing construction and home delivery have moved yet big steps ahead of the marvels that the positive disruptors in the industry put on display just one year before. This is the outcome of sustaining massive investments the industry operators keep pouring into housing developments to discover new ways of meeting the challenges of housing deficit in Nigeria.

New ideas have found a meeting point with technology, giving birth to new solutions in housing developments that have taken homes and living environments to new levels of comfort, style and convenience. The masters in the profession have made impressive advances in what they can offer in positioning Nigeria’s real estate industry for the future.

New capabilities in many fronts

The leading innovators in real estate development in 2021 have extended their capabilities in many fronts. New discoveries in building materials and construction technology with new processes and efficiencies have created new possibilities in building designs that meet futuristic buyer attitudes. The pattern is how to build quicker, cheaper and smarter.

Home fittings and furnishings have proceeded to the point of ‘there is nothing more to add’. Further advances have been made towards powering communities by clean energy that ensures pollution-free environments.

Infrastructures and environment get the votes

Architects, building engineers and environmentalists have reinforced their cooperation in creating residential estates that maximise the benefits of nature and technology. Increased attention to the environment is an emerging construction innovation that is giving rise to residential estates where the role of plants in absorbing carbon dioxide to produce cleaner air is maximised.

There are equally impressive advances in surrounding infrastructures – from road networks to street lighting, from car parking lots to recreational facilities, from shopping malls to commercial centres. The packages come with new advances in security and peace and quietness that contrast from the general living scenarios of city life.

The challenge of how to deliver high valued homes at affordable cost has equally been visited and new solutions have been placed on offer. This has been made possible by new alliances and cooperation between estate developers and mortgage financiers, providing new links for people to realise home ownership dreams.

Why they stand out

Our top 10 real estate disruptors, 2021 are made up of estate developers who have introduced innovative ways to reduce costs and improve value and make houses affordable in Nigeria’s inflationary economy. Through the application of technology, they have in several ways optimised resource utilization, introduced new building materials and techniques and additional financing methods – all working together to minimise the impact of the high cost environment on the demand and supply functions of the real estate market here.

Among them are developers who have extended their product range to cover a wider market reach, increasing the investment options available to low and middle income classes. In this way, they have retained in the market a segment of people that by virtue of their income levels and erosive inflation would have dropped off the demand side of the market.

Keep the consumer consuming

Some of them developed new mortgage financing arrangements that have made it quite easy for intending home owners to secure their dream homes in the present and pay gradually in the future. Also, some products earlier excluded for payment by installments have been included in flexible payment plans, making them affordable to an increased number of people.

In the top 10 group also are estate developers that have created amazing values for investors within a short space of time. Their strategy is to locate estates in rapidly developing areas thereby accelerating the pace of development and offering investors incredible values in no time.

Then come the future oriented vertical city builders that broke new grounds on how to house more people on a given land space. They economise on available land resources to build estates in towers that accommodate a large number of people and businesses in a single space. They offer a space-saving solution that preserves land for other productive uses, including conservation of nature.

The secret

A common feature of all the top 10 members is that they all succeeded in applying counter cyclical approaches – though in different dimensions to mitigate the effects of coronavirus pandemic and economic lockdown on the real estate industry. The outcome is the comparatively stronger growth of 1.8 percent for the industry in the first quarter of 2021 than the overall marginal increase of 0.5 percent for the entire economy.

The secret of the defiant growth is in what the industry operators keep doing on the supply and demand sides of the real estate market. They have not stopped producing and have not let people to stop consuming!          

Samson Odegbami  – Managing Director/CEO, Richfield Nigeria

Mr. Samson Odegbami is managing director/CEO, Richfield Nigeria – a vibrant real estate company that has grown at high speed by taking innovation in housing delivery in Nigeria to a new level. A business development expert, his professional knowledge and deep experience span almost a decade.

He has come to the limelight in Nigeria’s real estate industry with his innovative combination of affordability and high quality housing that he has made the guiding principle of his organization. This is the unique path he has chosen to contribute a sizeable quota to solving the problem of housing deficit in Nigeria.

Odegbami’s strategy in the business makes its meaning within the socio-economic conditions of the nation. “Without doubt, housing is one of the major problems faced by Nigerians and, as an organization, we believe we can support the government to combat the issue of housing deficit. Not only are we providing houses, we also ensure that our buildings are very affordable such that you do not need all the money in this world before you can live in a comfortable apartment“, he explained.

His company’s product structuring has been carefully planned to be buyer-friendly in consideration of the generally difficult living conditions of Nigerians. “We’ve also considered the economic state of the country and we developed a flexible payment plan all in a bid to make our facilities available to all”, he said.

Richfield Nigeria stands out as a dynamic and rapidly expanding real estate and investment company providing premium land acquisition and property development services. It is known for distinctive investment opportunities it offers and its exceptional ability to harness cutting-edge technology to deliver high quality services to a global client base it serves.

Odegbami’s diverse market definition that extends beyond Nigerian borders has positioned his company to drive rapid expansion even in the pandemic-induced economic lockdown of last year. He explained that half of his company’s revenue in 2020 came from Nigerians in Diaspora.

In the home market as well, he moved contrary to the economic lockdown in search of busy, prospective clients that were forced to stay home. His effort paid off as he turned the adversity into an opportunity for once busy people to inspect landed property and houses for purchase.

“We made more sales during the lockdown, as people were forced to stay at home. At that time, most of the clients that have been unreachable before COVID-19 due to their busy schedules were forced to stay at home and they were the ones calling us for site inspection”, he said.

The edge the company has in the marketplace is its unwavering commitment to helping people achieve their home-ownership and real estate investment goals. Its mission is to empower the average Nigerian to unlock lasting streams of wealth inherent in real estate.

Richfield Nigeria makes a firm promise of a hassle-free land acquisition process and meticulous construction services producing durable yet affordable real estate products. It holds itself out in the industry as a positive intervener, leading the way in providing innovative and reliable real estate solutions. This is the company’s response to decades of worsening housing deficits and housing financing challenges in Nigeria.

The Richfield story is considered a model case study in creating possibilities out of nothing. The company began operations with a small but diligent team that set out to pioneer a tech-driven real estate venture in an unlikely terrain in the city of Abeokuta without a determinable chance of succeeding.

In a space of three years, the company has experienced rapid growth, having built a profitable and versatile brand reputed for providing high-quality products. Under Odegbami’s leadership, Richfield Nigeria has spread its vision of high quality but affordable housing from Ogun State to Lagos and Abuja.

Richfield estates have sprung up for sales at Richfield Courts and Richfield Residences – both in Abuja; Richfield Treasure Gardens, Ibeju-Lekki; Richfield Residences, Abeokuta and Richfield Garden City, Mowe.

The ability to navigate the business through the prevailing economic difficulties to register that level of growth is rare in entrepreneurship. Odegbami, a renowned management consultant explains that the Richfield-story is one of resilience, efficiency, innovative thinking and sustained business success.

Richfield Nigeria is presently a mother company to three rapidly growing firms: FarmNow Nigeria – a leading agro tech company, PropVest Nigeria – a growing FinTech startup and TruckUp Nigeria.

PropVest was created to offer Nigerians an opportunity to make money work for them and work continuously to generate a steady and guaranteed stream of short to mid-term incomes from real estate investment. The aim is to provide an innovative model for real estate financing that developers need to bridge the massive housing deficit in Nigeria.

The investment platform offers opportunity for people to invest in real estate and earn returns on short-medium term basis without hassles of developing real estate projects. According to Odegbami, the usual challenges that people face such as lack of funds to build, hike in price of building materials due to inflation among other issues –all have a solution in PropVest.

Odegbami began his career as a human resources manager at Driving Solutions Ltd Lagos and rose to the position of managing partner in a short period of time. He is an alumnus of the Lagos Business School and a member of the prestigious Niyi Adesanya Think Tank.

As a management consultant, he has passion to help people achieve superior performance in life and in business. He is in many ways applying his business innovation and self-development expertise to groom the up-coming entrepreneurs.

In recognition of his innovative contribution to the Nigerian Real Estate Development, Samson Odegbami is named by The Top10 Magazine as one of Nigeria’s top ten real estate disruptors 2021.

Odeh Mohammed Adah – Founder/Managing Director, Ochacho Real Homes Ltd

King Odeh Mohammed Adah is founder and managing director/CEO, Ochacho Real Homes Ltd. The Benue State-born real estate mogul has built a real estate development company that is a top name in housing facilities delivery in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The company is reputed for providing exceptionally high quality real estate developments that package and deliver value to clients. Adah defines his company’s positioning in the Nigeria’s real estate space as top of the range. 

“We pride ourselves as leaders in the property development industry, as we offer to our clients properties with competitive as well as affordable pricing”, he said.

He shaped the company to operate with the corporate philosophy of excellence and trust based on the principle of respect for human values. The company faces every project handled and every task assigned with a mindset of pursuit of excellence. The aim always is to deliver high quality and innovative products.

Adah has designed Ochacho Real Homes to create an opportunity for people to invest in the real estate industry with guaranteed outcomes. His company has earned a reputation of reliability that investors in the industry can count on.

The company has project development standards that comply with international benchmarks. These include serene living environments with good road networks, drainages and 24-hour electricity supply. Other facilities include street lights, green spaces and 24-hour armed security.

Access to the company’s high quality products are spread through opportunities to pay for desired properties by installments. With an initial deposit with the company, the balance can be spread as appropriate towards the realisation of one’s dream homes. 

Some housing facilities available from Ochacho Real Homes include 3-bed room flats with 1 boys’ quarters. They are offered in serene, secured living environments with good roads, drainages, street lights and 24-hour electricity supply. 

The company also offers standalone, fully detached duplexes with penthouse of 600 square meters with 5-bedrooms and two boys’ quarters. The finishing cost is all inclusive of infrastructures.

There are also semi-detached duplexes with penthouse of 300 square meters with 4-bedrooms and one boys’ quarters. Finishing cost is all-inclusive of standard infrastructures.

Jide Olumodimu – Chief Executive Officer, Arkland Properties Investment

Mr. Jide Olumodimu is chief executive officer Arkland Properties and Investment Company Limited. The real estate company, which was incorporated in Lagos in 2013, is counted one of the foremost real estate firms in Nigeria. It invests heavily in a wide range of housing properties in Lagos, Abuja and Turkey with over 115 developed apartments on record.

Olumodimu is the man driving the company’s vision – to be amongst the few recognized, preferred and respectable property developers, facility managers and project leaders in Nigeria and beyond. He wants to register clear recognition and distinction on how his company improves the quality of life and delivers same through exquisite housing design and construction services.

The company is structured on a tripod of three operating arms – real estate development, facility management and project management. Its strategy to deliver value for customers’ investments is built on continuous learning and observing new trends and customers’ requirements with the support of competent staff at its command. 

Arkland Properties has in its portfolio a number of property developments that have earned it a reputation in Nigeria’s real estate industry. Alongside, it has built a reputation for completing and selling out projects of international standards in good time.

The company has grown from strength to strength since inception with continuous improvements in the quality of housing developments and the size and complexities of projects handled. The biggest and most exciting of the company’s projects yet is its A &A Towers in Eko Atlantic City in Victoria Island. It presents a special place with impressive facade, stunning architecture, attractive landscape and incredible views for people and businesses.

The development was designed to offer a mix of 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments as well as 4-beroom pent duplexes. It also offers 1,855 square meters of offices and shops. It features a total of 98 units with interiors that showcase very high level furnishings. The shops offer well designed retail spaces with mezzanine floors.

The unique offers of the estate are adequate security, its own generated constant electricity, clean water and advanced telecommunications systems. It also offers spacious roads, tree-lined street and proximity to prime residential and business districts.

To Olumodimu, the A&A Towers is his company’s contribution to resolving Nigeria’s lingering housing crisis. “With 98 units in this building, we look forward to contributing positively by providing viable property solutions”, he said.

Arkland Properties also presents Phoenix Tower in Eko Atlantic City, which offers exquisite lifestyle in a pristine environment where people can work, live and play. The 27 level tower was developed on 3,442-square metre space, providing well-proportioned 3 bedroom apartments arranged from level 6 to 25 with 6 apartments on each floor and 2 levels of penthouse villas.

The property was designed to offer the largest 3 bedroom apartments, which come with modern home facilities, top class finishing with swimming pool, spacious sitting area, spa, gym, kids play area and lounge. It also contains a multi-purpose hall, a 24-hour concierge service and residential mart.

Arkland Properties is behind the development of a number of other amazing property developments at different locations in Lagos State. These include La Paz Apartments in the heart of Victoria Island, which provides a unique blend of residential and recreational space facilities.

It has also has prime properties in Lekki and Ikoyi areas of Lagos. It has a Banana Island property that is set as a symbol of status and prestige. It offers homes for higher lifestyle as well as pride of belonging and the confidence of owning something valuable.

Stephen Akintayo – Chief Executive Officer, GTEXT Global Group

Dr Stephen Akintayo is chief executive officer, Gtext Global, a group of companies with business interests in agriculture, real estate, digital marketing, and technology. Gtext Homes is the real estate subsidiary of the mother company, which operates from Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom.

Akintayo governs a business empire he has grown from scratch to a multi-million dollar corporation. He is on a mission of building the number one real estate company in Africa, applying innovation and technology to develop the largest green and smart estates across the globe.

His target is to place Gtext Homes among the top five real estate development companies in Africa in 10 years. The provision of amazing collections of landed properties for investment is his roadmap to hit the goal.

The company’s operations run on smart digitalized workflow driven by constant innovation. It recognizes the sensitivity of customers’ needs and sets out to provide premium personal services for the present and well into the future.

The real estate company is acclaimed to be innovative trailblazers well ahead of the competition. It is distinguished by the use of techniques and custom-tailored approaches to provide unique real estate solutions. It holds itself ready to tailor its services to meet specific customer’s needs and goals whether it is the purchase of land or a home.

The company has elaborate real estate development programs, covering estates (landed properties and housing schemes). It undertakes the provision of top-notch premium homes built with detailed attention to delivering comfortable, smart living.

Akintayo himself is a story of transformation from rural poverty to global prominence. He was born in an impoverished environment of the Gonge area of Maiduguri, Borno State. For him, poverty was so overwhelming that it could as well have become his surname and hunger was a constant companion.

The hurts of poverty drew Akintayo’s hatred for it – which gave him strength and vigour to fight his way of escape from poverty despite a faulty educational background. Out of his experience, he teaches that three factors matter more than money in succeeding in business –ambition, a vision, and passion.

From a poor starting in education, he has attained great heights in academics. He holds a first degree is in microbiology from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State, Nigeria. He is also a graduate of Harvard University, where he studied essential management skills for emerging leaders. He is a member of the Institute of Strategic Management.

Akintayo has also obtained a Master’s degree in digital marketing and an MBA from the Netherlands. He is a trained digital marketing consultant from Harvard University. He is also a trained coach by The Coaching Academy, UK. He holds several other academic and professional qualifications from within and outside Nigeria.

Underlying his company’s product roll-out is core values of integrity, innovation, energy, and excellence. The company applies technology to drive innovation in real estate development. It takes a step-by-step approach to study trends in the real estate industry and offers products designed with the future in mind.

Gtext Homes makes a bold promise on product quality with firm assurances of no compromises on quality and standards. It points to a track record of policy consistency and lots of operational energy to deliver products on target in defiance of various challenges in the business.

The company’s estates offer several facilities and services that take hassles off residents. The buildings offer renewable energy that enables residents to save more energy and reduce energy wastage. Waste disposal is taken care of as waste is recycled and converted to a source of energy.

Smart electronic cable transport is provided for shuttle services for community enhancement. The provision of smart fibre optic cable with fast-speed internet is a standard for Gtext Homes’ estates.

Other facilities include a smart water management system and the provision of green areas and surrounding vegetation that enhance the quality of the environment for healthy living.

Abba Bello Mohammed – Managing Director/CEO, Bam Properties Ltd

Barr Abba Bello Mohammed is managing director/CEO, Bam Properties Ltd, a real estate investment company that provides standard and affordable housing to the general public. The company offers services primarily in real estate, civil engineering consultancy with limited specialist services in building construction. Its project portfolio includes mass housing development.

Mohammed speaks of how his company has aided housing delivery in Nigeria. “Ever since the establishment, we have endeavoured to contribute to the prosperity of our clients and society from a global perspective. At Bam Projects & Properties, we have earned a reputation for helping our clients transform the way in which people access housing. The programmes we support are critical to keeping the nation secure, as well as making real estate services more efficient”, he said.

At Bam Properties, the chief executive is driving a major purpose – which is to gear up service quality continually to match and exceed the quality of the clients’ dreams and experiences. The company employs its superior customer service quality to explore ceaselessly the right mix of services that will deliver efficient and impactful solutions to clients’ challenges.

Mohammed has developed an internal culture that gives the company an edge in Nigeria’s real estate industry. “We hold each other accountable for creating a company we can all be proud to work with. Whether you are a potential customer, a small business partner or a future employee, we look forward to finding out how we can work together to bring service to life” he said.

His vision is to establish his company as the lead realty providing carefully crafted, affordable, luxury homes in Nigeria. The vision is driven by a flexible consulting approach that guarantees delivery of the most of housing resources irrespective of the nature of work involved – short-term or long term, onsite or offsite.

Bam Properties engages in construction, sales and effective management of luxury apartments across its market definition. It demonstrates special competence in making a finished building an assembly of innovative solutions. It offers a full range of time- and budget-conscious consultancy services, contract execution and resources management

Headquartered in Abuja, the company operates coordinating offices in Lagos and Kebbi as well as site offices across the country from which it undertakes complete services in real estate development consultancy, feasibility studies and property development operations nationwide. It ensures its projects always meet internationally acceptable professional standards.

All the effort is geared towards the mission to make real estate investment an attractive and affordable venture for all stakeholders, thereby availing Nigeria a household name for properties construction and projects management.

Mohammed has at his command a team of specialists renowned for professional competence in a wide range fields – engineering, project management, planning and scientific disciplines. The large human capacity has powered the company’s integrated operations from feasibility studies, planning, designs, construction, supervision and project management of various engineering and water resources projects successfully executed for the federal and state governments, companies and individuals across the country.

A combination of client’s satisfaction and employee centeredness is a strategy that is working for Mohammed at Bam Properties. “They reflect how we interact with our clients, our colleagues and our communities. We have only one objective: to ensure our clients’ mission and objectives are achieved with the highest level of capability and assurance and at the lowest possible cost” he said.

The company’s ability to constantly deliver projects ahead of schedule is attributed to the high professional capacity it commands. Its culture of teamwork enables it bring together the best professionals, thinkers and advisers – which underscores its ability to deliver the best solutions to complex clients’ problems at the shortest possible time.

It boasts a team of seasoned engineers, builders, managers and geologists backed by technologists, draftsmen and other skilled technicians. The interaction results in a more efficient use of manpower and a quicker response to design changes, construction methods and contemporary housing innovation.

The company serves a range of clients from small municipalities and companies to large corporations, government departments and industrial organizations. Some of the company’s project milestones include Belham Heights (in progress) – a four–unit 5-bedroom terrace villas located at Asokoro, Abuja and development of  45Ha land mass located at Karsana South District, Abuja – consisting of pearl apartments – 3-bedroom block of flats.

There is also Belham Estate – Brookshore Residence (in progress) – structured in three-bedroom terrace apartments, 102 apartments of three-bedroom terrace duplex apartments, 3-bedroom bungalow with maid’s room and four-bedroom detached duplex with maid’s room and boys quarters.

Others include sports complex, horse riding and country club, proposed Belham shopping complex and six fully serviced units of three bedrooms and maid’s room apartments located at Gudu District, Abuja and proposed Project 77, Asokoro.

Looking ahead, Mohammed said, “we are focused on accelerating the execution of our growth strategy while continuing to build on the strength of our brand—in helping our clients share knowledge and create innovation and in bringing positive change to the communities in which we work and live. I am incredibly excited about this journey and truly believe the best of BAM Projects & Properties is yet to come”.

Oladipo Idowu-Agida – Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Dradrock Real Estate Limited

Mr. Oladipo Idowu-Agida heads Dradrock Real Estate Limited as managing director/chief executive officer. The real estate development company is among the top names committed to positive disruption of housing and construction industry in Nigeria. It brings into play innovation-driven, safe and styled estate developments in Lagos.

Idowu-Agida is an innovator, who is described as a disruptive aficionado with over 12 years’ experience in the real estate sector. He drives the company’s vision – which is to be the most successful real estate company with the highest possible and accessible housing solutions for all stakeholders in Africa.

Dradrock is on a mission to deliver high-quality residential and commercial buildings in choice communities, using the tools of innovation and integrity in service to customers. It utilises holistic and simplified approaches to deliver the best housing solutions and to create thriving investment options in the African real estate landscape.

The company vows to deliver exceptional services that create long-term customer loyalty and retention. “We are driven by our quest to provide the most accessible real estate solutions while ensuring the maximum safety of all our stakeholders”, the company said in its profile. Pursuit of excellence in Nigeria’s real estate sector constitutes Idowu-Agida’s avenue to fulfill his capacity building mission in the business.

Dradrock’s CEO has a versatile academic background that cuts across several disciplines. He holds a Bachelor of Education degree in guardian and counseling/political science from the University of Ibadan, a Master’s degree in managerial psychology (MMP) from the University of Lagos and an MBA from the Lagos Business School.

These are among other qualifications he earned from Pan-Atlantic University Nigeria and IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain. He is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, United Kingdom.

Idowu-Agida has built up expertise that spans various aspects of real estate industry, including business development, sales & marketing and strategy. He is well grounded in client relationship management, construction works and project management.

Dradrock has to its name a number of major successfully completed housing development projects in Lagos State. They are the developers of Pacific Manor I and II residential estates in Lagos with luxurious apartments. The estates have been designed to suit the needs of modern-day living.

Various units of 1, 2 and 4 bedroom apartments and duplexes available in the estates are offered at a price range that captures a great length of income brackets of customers.

The company also owns Prime Apartments located in Lakowe-Lagos – which are smart-motivated master developments designed to provide convenient lifestyle right in the home. The development is the company’s response to customers who desire more than the usual.

Annapolis Garden is an exquisite residential estate located in Lakowe, Alatunse in Lagos, which offers a blend of prestige and deluxe. Each unit of apartment consists of 2-bedrooms en-suite, dining, sitting room, kitchen and spacious balcony. It is provided with a 55 car parking lot, automated car stacker system, high-level privacy and all-round standard security.

Prime OIKOS residential estate in Lagos was also developed by Dradrock. Developed alongside the ancient Greek family structure, the estate is a sophisticated and luxurious design. It captures a merging point of nature, class, technology and functionality, providing an ideal home for a modern-day family.

The Hibiscus is the company’s estate development on the beachside at Lekki in Lagos State. It offers fully-fitted smart homes with automation systems in prime location. The estate features 4 all en-suite, air conditioned bedroom terraced duplexes with fitted kitchen, home automation system and swimming pool.

Becky Damilola Oke – Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Bstan Homes & Properties

Engr. Becky Damilola Oke is managing director/chief executive officer, Bstan Group, an Abuja-based real estate development firm with diversified services beyond the industry. The company’s extensive operations in the real estate business are carried out through its subsidiary company Bstan Homes & Property Limited.

Oke has established formidable footings in an otherwise male dominated real estate industry with the development of 23,093 properties in 19 estates across Nigeria and overseas. She provides firm leadership in accomplishing her company’s purpose in mass housing development, mortgage solutions and housing technology development with a strong focus on the African market.

Bstan Homes & Property is equipped with a high capacity of skilled and experienced workforce that is behind the roll out of Bstan Homes’ several outstanding projects. No matter how ambiguous the housing needs of customers, Oke believes Bstan Homes can deliver. The company’s ability to make this happen is derived from core values of professionalism, excellence and innovation.

Placing clients’ concerns ahead of the company’s is its way of charting the course of long-term client relationship. It demonstrates a high sense of creativity in architecture with top-notch original ideas it offers. It presents great possibilities in landscape design, transforming expanse of spaces to suit desire, comfort and style.

Its interior and exterior designs display attention to details in user needs and aesthetics while it offers furniture designs that balance style and functionality. The touch of master craftsmanship in the company’s products reflects the high engineering capability of its leadership.

For Oke, it has been engineering all the way from the classroom to the marketplace. “I believe that through my field of study, I can impact my nation positively”, she said.

She was motivated into the real estate industry in her bid to contribute towards nation building. “Shelter is a basic necessity and the need to provide this basic need inspired me to study civil engineering in my first degree, construction engineering at the Master’s level and Ph.D. in estate management and construction”, she said.

Provision of shelter constitutes a critical part of nation building and Oke sees her role as building connecting bridges to development and laying blocks of protection and security. She advocates for sustainable and affordable homes to ensure that the houses built are what people can afford to rent or buy.

She has worked out a strategy to deliver affordable houses in an environment of high cost of building construction. Her company provides various sizes and classes of accommodation and delivers to customers through affordable mortgage arrangements.

Bstan Homes & Property has additional offers and benefits designed to make houses affordable to as many people as possible. These include zero agency fee, 100 percent bond and assistance in applying and securing home loans from banks. The entire process from application to finished home is shortened to six months and the customer gets a 5-year structural guaranty.

The company is an innovator in housing construction technology. Its all concrete and steel building technology offers a revolutionary housing solution in prefabrication. The compact, all concrete and steel building technology, was developed in Germany and produced with German M-TEC Machinery and production techniques.

According to the company, the product has been used, tested and trusted in Europe, Korea, Japan, China and more than 15 other countries for over 20 years. Bstan Homes offers the new housing construction technology – the first of its kind in Africa.

Group operations are organised to provide specialized services that permit an integrated approach. Bstan Construction handles all building projects, road construction, site clearing and infrastructure development works.

Bstan Security Services handles security surveillance, installation of security gadgets and residential security. The company also provides security services to clients. Bstan Cleaning Services undertakes facade cleaning, fumigation/pest control, waste disposals, landscaping and more.

Bstan Garden City estates are designed with standards that include gated residential estates and fully developed infrastructures modern communal living. The company’s top rating in the Nigerian real estate industry reflects its outstanding credentials in housing delivery.

It has a track record of several estates development in a space of 10 years. Its eight new acquisitions for low, medium and luxury housing development spread across Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Akure, Port Harcourt and Ghana have reached different stages of completion.

It has extensive network and relationship with all government authorities that enhance project expansion and continuity. It has industry capacity building initiatives through an annual economic summit and wealth creation workshop for young professionals.

Henry Ebulufor – Chief Executive Officer, Henry Montego Homes and Industries Limited

Mr. Henry Ebulufor, chief executive officer, Henry Montego Homes and Industries Limited, is in charge of a boutique licensed real estate company based in Lagos. The company has been representing a high standard in the real estate industry since 2014. Its core expertise is the residential real estate market in Lagos with particular focus on the boroughs of Lekki and the high-end areas of Lagos Island.

The company is run by passionate individuals, who combine skills and expertise in a dedicated service in the real estate industry. Since its creation, the company has run with a structure that is focused on target market, responsive to market demands and committed to creative products delivery.

The company sets out to run a high-performance real estate team that delivers values to its clients, its community and the world at large. Beyond the business of commercial real estate, Henry Montego Homes functions effectively as contemporary designers and contractors in the residential housing market.

The company has brought onboard the real estate industry revolutionary changes in the design and delivery of affordable homes and mortgage payment plans. It is reckoned to be a positive force in breaking down traditional boundaries to usher in extraordinary services.

It has results and developments that validate the success of its chosen path. These include the continuous growth of the company that vouches for its expertise, property development and management skills and reward for hard work. Customer satisfaction is proven on both sides of home-owners and tenants by sustained patronage and repeat performances.

Ebulufor is on a great mission in the real estate business in Nigeria – which is to use the industry as a tool to transform the nation’s main systems of health, education and lifestyle. This is its chosen route to realise its corporate purpose – which is to become the real estate company of choice for buyers, sellers and realtors in Nigeria.

In its contribution towards solving the country’s housing problems and taking housing development to a new level, Henry Montergo Homes has completed several residential housing estates in Lagos State.

The company has a number of luxury residential apartments in Lekki and other areas of Lagos to its name. One of its latest completions is its Montego Bay 4 residential estate in Lekki, Lagos. The project marks one big step ahead in driving the company’s vision of home ownership for every Nigerian.

For Ebuluofor, the successful completion of Montego Bay 4 is a positive mark that his goal to see the average Nigerian young man and woman who work so hard own a home without stress is being realised. His way of making this a reality is through the establishment of mortgage plans through which his company makes luxury apartments affordable.

“At Henry Montego Homes, we thrive on solving problems and this is why we have gone ahead to establish a very rare mortgage payment plan of five to eight years, which is the first of its kind in Nigeria,” he said.

He hopes to raise the bar to 20 years in the near future and thus expand the opportunity for as many people as possible to own a home. Considering Nigeria’s population growth rate currently at 2.6 percent annually, he emphasizes the need for a rapid increase in the stock of new house deliveries to accommodate the populace. Expansion of mortgage payment plans will equally be needed in order to enable people take up new house deliveries.

Patrick Oriyomi – Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Photizo Properties Limited

Dr. Patrick Oriyomi is founder and chief executive officer, Photizo Properties Limited, a top-notch real estate investment company involved in acquiring lands in high growth areas and transforming same into residential estates. He leads a team of young, energetic and innovative visionaries, who have the knack for creating value in real estate and spreading the opportunities to investors.

They fish out strategic, secure and rapidly developing locations free of any form of encumbrances, fast track development and maximise return for investors.

The company’s mission is to deliver affordable lands and houses in fast developing areas to clients, thereby availing them valuable opportunities for achieving their housing dreams. The company is committed to making home ownership a reality for all – which informs its adoption of flexible payment plans on all its projects.

Photizo Properties has some operational features that make it stand out in the marketplace. These include its professionalism, which is reflected in high level of work ethics, devotion and commitment to the course of clients to make their land and home ownership a reality.

The company is also known for consistency in service delivery that satisfies clients from time to time. Its outstanding level of efficiency has over time created a strong bond of trust with clients, making the company a reliable name when it comes to dedicated services towards realising the dreams of property ownership. 

Oriyomi is a visionary driven by the goal to deliver youths to their inheritance in life through constant educational and motivational channels of empowerment. He studied accountancy at the Universal College of Technology, Ile Ife (now The Polytechnic, Ile-Ife) where he obtained a Higher National Diploma certificate in Accountancy. He holds a doctorate (Hon. Causa) in real estate and human capacity development from the Global Socio-Economic and Financial Evolution Network (GSFEN).

Oriyomi began his career in 2008 as finance manager with Mission Support Network Centre where he headed the cost control unit of the finance department. His zeal for personal development and entrepreneurship spurred him to read over 70 books on the subjects.

He launched out on his own business and established his real estate firm in 2018. He undertakes public speaking to inspire upcoming entrepreneurs in the real estate industry to sharpen their ideas and improve their skills in capacity building for Nigeria’s real estate industry.

His company offers some product features that attract investors to pinch tent with them in the property market. A major attraction is high rate of return associated with the company’s choice of property locations. Its property locations are painstakingly chosen in fast-developing areas, which boost investment values in a short space of time.

Another key attraction is the company’s investment options that make land and home acquisition affordable to various income brackets. This is in line with its focus of narrowing the housing gap in Nigeria.

Strategic location of the company’s estates in affordable and fast developing areas is also a key attraction to investors. High neighborhood’s status of property locations increases property valuations. These features are complemented by investment and financial advice to clients on the best options for real estate investment.

Photizo Properties has made valuable contributions towards providing affordable homes and highly profitable real estate investment to Nigerians. It has availed a lot of opportunities to ordinary people eager to find solutions to their housing needs.

The company’s latest projects include Oasis Garden, Epe – which depicts an oasis of peace and quietness in the noise and bustle associated with most parts of Lagos. This estate was planned to align modernity to nature, as residents are inspired by a full view of sunrise in the northern side of Lekki Lagoon and through the tranquil sounds of nature drift to close the day with the golden rays of the setting sun. Community friendliness with exciting neighborhoods tops up the benefits.

The Haven City Epe is another of Photizo Properties’ latest projects. The estate with its top notched designs, is located in Odolewu, Epe – which is within the Ogun State axis. It offers a secure environment, good road network, drainage system and prime location.

There is also Oasis Courts, Epe – which is one of the biggest developments in the area. The project promises to deliver 50 units of residential houses within 12 months from June 2021. The houses are to be delivered with inverter for electricity supply, interlocked roads, treated water, security, drainage system, street lights and more. The location of the estate is to take advantage of massive infrastructural development and modernization taking place in Epe to build value for investors.

Oriyomi has promised that a lot more estates would spring up under the development of Photizo Properties Limited. They include Wexford Estate, Graceville Estate, Oasis County and Haven City.

Jide Odusolu – Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Octo5 Holdings Limited

Mr. Babajide Odusolu is the founder and chief executive officer, Octo5 Holdings Limited, whichis the holding company five core branches; Octo5 Utilities, Octo5 Estates, Octo5 Construction Services, Octo5 Commercial Development, and Property Technology. He takes charge of executing the corporate strategy of the organization.

Counted among the best brains in Nigeria’s real estate industry, he is a hard worker and a perfectionist. His company is one of Nigeria’s pioneer developers of gated communities, especially on the Lekki peninsula in Lagos.

The company’s top-ranking objective is to foster the creation of master planned urban communities towards resolving the issues of supply gap of houses in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa. Its goal is to become the premier developer, manager and operator of affordable residential and commercial communities in sub-Saharan Africa.

Upon the establishment of the company in 1997, Babajide has run with the vision of building an innovative company – a proudly African enterprise that sets new standards of excellence in the real estate industry. He has developed strategies for delivering high value residential and commercial apartments in affordable ways.

He has led the company through restructuring initiatives from which Octo5 Holdings Ltd emerged from the former entity known as Legacy Realties Ltd. Through the transformation, the company has formed a strong partnership with public sector players such as the Nigerian Mortgage Refinance Corporation (NMRC)along with Abbey Mortgage Bank,a leading mortgage institution in Nigeria.

The alliance is intended to enable the company offer flexibility in product delivery and deepen the affordability pool for home ownership investments. In addition, the company’s management has nurtured a strong team of industry specialists to ensure successful delivery of projects in various communities.

Babajide has positioned Octo5 Holdings to be the prime source for innovative development and construction solutions to the needs of the Nigerian market. He makes a firm promise to the real estate industry – to help asset owners unlock dead capital and enable home buyers maximize their reach.

The company’s many years of experience and deep knowledge of the business gives it an edge in service delivery. Its real estate group is reputed for strong development competencies it has acquired in design, planning and efficient construction works and estate infrastructure services. The expertise has enhanced the company’s capacity to provide affordable housing solutions as well as development of commercial and recreational facilities.

Octo5 Holdings flagship development, Ocean Bay Estate was initiated between 2003 to 2008, where he successfully opened up the entire Alpha beach/Lafiaji axis. Ongoing projects include Malara New Town  in Epe, Finches Park  and King Fisher located at Oworonshoki and Heron Beak Apartments  in Ocean Bay, Lekki

Also ongoing is Congress Park located in Lekki phase 1 with a full load of facilities including dedicated power supply, swimming pool and treated water supply. Other facilities are pre-installed air conditioners, automated access control, fully fitted kitchen among others.

The company has taken steps to build capacity in the real estate industry through its launch of STOW platform. This is a web and app-enabled home purchase platform for new builds and off plan homes.

 As a secure Real Estate Market place, STOW will enable low to middle income earners to achieve economic emancipation. STOW provides subscribers with knowledge tools to make investment decisions.