Oxford international Group: A global brand sprouting Out from Nigeria

Oxford International Group is a privately owned and internationally recognized business empire with diversified operations across one of the largest value chains imaginable. It has emerged as a multi-sectoral business empire with tentacles across the entire business landscape of Nigeria, creating wealth and value in every key sector of the economy.

Dr. Teniola Adesanya, Founder/Executive Chairman, Oxford International Group

It is a conglomerate with over 200 subsidiaries engaged in various business activities ranging from real estate, real estate investment, agriculture, information technology management and building and construction.

The network of operations also covers engineering, logistic services, human capital development, asset management, banking, dredging and oil & gas. Others are logistics, fashion and lifestyle, print media, renewable energy, property valuation and many more.

The group has extended its large operational network in Nigeria beyond the borders, having established active business operations in Rwanda and Benin Republic.

Some of the key members of the group include Oxford Froxxir Homes & Properties Limited – the real estate arm of the group. The real estate company operates through a large network of operational businesses in Nigeria.  Its operations cover sales of lands and properties, estate development and management, renting and leasing, construction, real estate investment products and more.

The company provides an extensive list of properties for sale and development on a continuous basis. It has grown rapidly in operating capacity and reputation with a large client base that is rapidly extending offshore.

The group operates in the agricultural sector through Oxford Green Farms Limited. Its aim is to accelerate agricultural production in Africa, meeting the needs of nearly 10 billion people before 2050.

It also operates in the financial services industry through Safeguard Microfinance Bank Limited. Through the bank, the company is building a financial power house with client base that cuts across all socio-economic classes.

Oxford Gold Integrated is the group’s strategic centre for positive change and innovative ideas that redefine the quality and consistency of products and services. Oxford Cal Limited is a calculations and computation outfit that provides top-notch financial services to individuals in the organization.

Oxford Octopus is an information technology subsidiary, through which the group has increased operational efficiency, staff satisfaction and collaboration using modern technology.

In the oil and gas business, the company is determined to become a major player in the extraction, refining, transportation and marketing of petroleum products globally.

In asset management, the company has developed a systematic approach to the realization of value for clients whether tangible or intangible assets. Its logistics operations are focused on bridging the gap that comes with the complexities of distributing products from suppliers to consumers.

The rapid expansion of the group has been made possible by a large menu of premium, professional and flexible services the company has on offer. The high-capacity building is in pursuit of its next level agenda of a rapid spread of operations within the African continent and to the rest of the world.

On the driving seat of the company’s mission is Dr. Teniola Adesanya, a real estate mogul, a seasoned entrepreneur and business coach with versatile experience that cuts across finance, investment, insurance and real estate management. He is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Oxford Group International, and Founder of Teni Africa Foundation. On account of his outstanding performance, he was recognized as one of Nigerian’s Top 10 CEO’s in 2018 by The Top10 Magazine. He was also recognized by The Top10 Magazine as one of Nigeria’s Top 10 Real Estate Disruptors in 2020.

The group under his leadership is committed to the pursuit of service excellence, offering top notch business relationships to a host of partners across all the operational business ventures.

The group is presently acclaimed to be Nigeria’s No.1 most diversified commercial business empire. In four years, it has built 22 member companies, 28 estate locations and still counting and about 200 credible operational businesses providing valued products and services across key sectors and industries.

The company is on a mission to do everything possible to maximise human potential and it is determined to accomplish it as far as possible in the widest parts of the world. It does this by creating opportunities through the development of products and services that meet personal and community needs wherever it operates.

A combination of able leadership and a dedicated team has powered a tremendous growth in revenue, the size of the balance sheet and the capacity to maximize the business potentials of a robust client base both locally and internationally.

The company boasts over 1000 highly skilled professionals at its command that drive excellent competencies across its markets. They are on a mission daily to keep the company’s promise of affordable products and services that exceed expectations. The company’s creative and diverse team is making waves of positive impacts in Nigeria and Africa with innovative products in every market it serves.

Over the past years, Oxford International Group has been consistent in its objective of contributing its quota to the growth and development of Nigeria’s economy. Its innovative products have permeated every arm of its business empire where customers are given minute details of what they want.

With a large number of subsidiaries, Oxford International Group has made a mark in job creation across its business empire. The conglomerate employs over 1500 business associates, who drive the company’s presence across its large service portfolio.

The large active business units under its network have more than 5,000 smart entrepreneurs fully engaged in the process of creating economic values across the entire economic system.

Top management of Oxford International Group

Oxford Group started as Oxford Commercial Services Int’l Ltd in 2016 in Lagos as a real estate operator focused on reducing housing deficit in Nigeria. The company has grown rapidly since then to become a multi-sector business empire transforming the various industries where it operates through innovation.

The company is renowned for business development expertise, mentoring and empowering young entrepreneurs in their various fields of endeavour. It functions as a human capital development school, where success tips that guide entrepreneurship development are taught.

This is the group’s contribution to the effort of raising Nigerians and Africans above poverty. It pursues with a great determination the creation of equal opportunities for young people to demonstrate their potentials, pursue their dreams and realise their ambitions. 

 Oxford Group boasts outstanding contributions towards youth empowerment in society, in improving the lots of individual and corporate clients through cross sectoral investments and in the overall growth and development functions of Nigeria’s economy.