Adetokunbo Ajibola: Master Strategist Driving Data Innovation Across Continents

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is driven by information communication technology (ICT) gathers speed, with data management and governance playing a significant role, one Nigerian who is making a bold statement on his readiness to be in the fore front of the revolution is Adetokunbo Ajibola. As Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ajibola oversees the strategic direction of Berkeley Data Strategists, Nigeria’s foremost data management organization that is driving innovation across Africa and other parts of the world in data governance and data management practices.  He has, in doing this, placed the country prominently on the global data governance map.

With more than 23 years’ experience in data management and data governance, Ajibola has carved a niche for himself in the area of design and implementation of comprehensive framework for data governance, with specialty in the establishment of governance structures and definition of data policies, which have succeeded in enthroning a culture of data stewardship and accountability in organizations in different sectors..

Over the years, he has established himself as a thoroughbred professional whose keen understanding of the management of data life cycle has enabled him to achieve excellence in the implementation of effective data management practices that guarantee data integrity, availability and accessibility. This is what has helped him in attaining proficiency in data modelling, data architecture design, data integrity and data quality management.

Ajibola’s foray into the complex world of data management began more than two decades ago as a data consultant. It did not take long for him to begin the rapid rise through the ranks, announcing himself quickly as someone with uncommon dedication and expertise in his chosen field. It was no surprise that within a short period, he had held such high profile positions as Data Governance Manager, Director of Data Management and Chief Data Officer in leading organizations within the industry.

Since assuming leadership of Berkeley Data Strategists about six years ago, Ajibola has led the transformation of the data management landscape in different industries and sectors. He is credited with driving large-scale data transformation projects that have had profound impact in those industries in which he has left his imprint, with clearly defined and well established optimization of the data process. His deep knowledge of data governance lies in his uncanny ability to leverage data to drive strategic decisions on complex business challenges – something for which Berkeley Data Strategists has become well known. It is the reason the company has become the first point of reference in the industry, within and outside Nigeria.

“Our mission is to empower businesses through effective data management”, Ajibola said in a recent interview. “We believe that well-governed data is the cornerstone of innovation and growth”.

A goldfish has no hiding place. With leadership that embodies expertise, commitment and mentoring ability, Ajibola has become a global player, recognized across continents as an influential figure in data management. He has used the instrumentality of his organization, Berkeley Data Strategists, to drive innovation and excellence in data governance, and also raised and empowered a new generation of data management professionals around the world. He has made a name for himself as an expert that inspires and motivates aspiring data professionals, while contributing to the enhancement of their growth and development in the industry.

Ajibola’s leadership role and ability to impact knowledge in his area of expertise has seen him mentor more than 2,000 individuals across Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia into becoming data management and data governance professionals, under the auspices of the Data Management Association (DAMA) where he is registered. This exceptional performance won for him an international acclaim, with the Outstanding Leadership Award at the CXO Conference in Dubai.

Ajibola, CDMP, DCAM, CDMC, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and Fuel Technology, as well as a Master’s degree in Engineering Process safety and Loss Prevention. He has received professional training in various institutions within and outside Nigeria, which has aided his development and expertise in data management and data governance.

A brief on Berkeley Data Strategists

Berkeley Data Strategists is an international consulting firm that provides cutting-edge data solutions to business challenges using the latest technologies. The company helps organizations achieve their objectives and potential by leveraging relevant data and information for maximization of opportunities in the sectors in which they operate.

The company operates from its global headquarters in London, the United Kingdom, which serves as an innovation hub for data management and information technology. The company is staffed by experts in the various data management disciplines, as well as the different sectors in which it provides services, such as energy, telecom and financial services. It has a well-equipped office in Nigeria, where a team of highly educated, trained and dedicated professionals handle operations within the country and across the African continent.

Berkeley Data Strategists offers a comprehensive array of services that are designed to help organizations develop and implement effective data management and data governance strategies. The services, which range from data management to analytics reporting, are bespoke and designed to meet the specific needs of organizations, with solutions that align with clients’ goals and objectives. In achieving this, the company works closely with clients to understand their business drivers, and come up with solutions that support their growth strategies and success.

One of the services offered by Berkeley Data Strategists is recruitment. Using its extensive network of data, the company helps clients in sourcing for round pegs that would fit into round holes by hiring professionals that are critical to the success of businesses. The company does not only source for and screen candidates, it manages the hiring process to ensure the right talent is hired.

The company leverages on its international information management expertise to offer consulting services that could sometimes be very complex and challenging, especially when it goes across borders, considering the fact that issues such as regulations and culture vary from country to country. Its experts effortlessly align business drivers with technology that is data-centric, which helps it to develop data strategy to meet clients’ needs and objectives.

The company offers training programs that help young and aspiring professionals go into careers in Data Strategy, Data Management, Data Governance, Data Quality and Records Management. Its training programs, which cover everything from data visualization and analysis to machine learning and artificial intelligence, equip trainees with the knowledge and skills they require to unlock opportunities that abound in the data management and data governance space.