Tim Akano, MD/CEO, New Horizons Nigeria Ltd Endorsement of the Top10 Magazine

Mr. Tim Akanno, CEO of New Horizon Nigeria Limited, one of the leading ICT Companies in Nigeria added his voice to the growing commendations from the corporate world for The Top10 magazine. We thank God for the opportunity to deepen our brand equity more into the corporate world.



Mr.Tim Akano, MD/CEO, New Horizons Nigeria Ltd
“Well, as a matter of fact, I believe The Top10 Magazine is an idea that its time has come in the sense that in any country where excellence is celebrated, it encourages those who are doing well to do better and do more. It also encourages those who are upcoming to strive for excellence.
When you celebrate merit, you get more merit. When you celebrate mediocrity you get more mediocrity. So, The Top10 is an idea that celebrates merit and I believe the end result will be more merit for Nigeria. With more merit for Nigeria, it’s more growth, more development, more creation of jobs and it’s more wealth that will actually go around to ensure that we have less crime, less friction as a nation and Nigeria will be able to take its stand in the committee of nations very soon by this kind of idea”.