The Vinks


The Vinks (Tropical General Investment Group)

Mr. C.G. Vink is chairman, Tropical General Investment (TGI) Group – a conglomerate that has diverse business interests in food, healthcare, agriculture, engineering and other industries. CHI Limited, a member of the TGI Group, was incorporated in 1980 primarily to cater for the consumer needs of health conscious Nigerians in the food and beverages market.

The company offers products in fruit drinks, dairy products and snacks categories. Its brands include the chivita range of fruit drinks including Capri-sonne, Hollandia range of dairy products and a range of snack foods.

CHI Limited has a number of depot operations across the nation as well as across the African continent with products that compete favourably with brands from the rest of the world. Its employment generating capacity is estimated at over 2,500 direct jobs and indirect employment of about 50,000 people throughout its value chain.

The company said the high quality of its products reflects substantial resources committed to research and development to ensure the products are enriched with essential vitamins and nutrients that ensure healthy living. It continues to add extensions and variants to its brands, providing new options for consumers in the marketplace. This is in line with its marketing strategy, which is to have a product to offer everyone across all major demographic segments.

The company speaks of its significant investments in manufacturing and other related infrastructure projects that have created adequate capacity to serve Nigeria’s large and growing market. It points to its state of the art manufacturing facility that deploys the most advanced processing and packaging technology available anywhere in the world.