Publisher’s Note


In this edition, we took a trip into the community of international private investors who are complementing the effort of local investors to grow the Nigeria economy.


As usual, our mission is to identify and celebrate to ten international private investors driving the Nigerian economy. Our findings are quite revealing, most of the top international private investments in Nigeria are dominated by family – based business enterprises. But to get our top ten from a long and competitive list of international private investors was a herculean task. However, our research team has done a good job and was able to come up with an objective selection of the top ten lists based on information available. The result of that pain – staking research is what you have in your hands as the cover of this edition, “inside the portfolios of the top ten international – family investors in Nigeria”.

Our corporate succession section brings to our readers the story of the zenith bank succession strategy which has been attributed as one of the success factors behind the zenith bank story. It’s our considered view that the bank’s succession template is a succession lesson other corporate concerns should emulate.

The dynasty takes a trip into the famous Tejuoso Dynasty of Egba from Ogun state. Though, it’s a large dynasty, we only bring to you the leading lights of the family. Top professional focuses on Harry Thomas – Odey, a quintessential professional in the Nigerian building construction industry. All these, plus our features on Eric Umeofia, the tomato king and the evolution taking place at peace mass transit top redefine safety standard on road transportation in Nigeria will make your reading delight.

Happy Reading!