The Igbo Top 10


In line with our tradition of celebrating excellence and those that represent excellence in the various segments of the society, we took a trip into the South-East to celebrate the best of the Igbo entrepreneurial spirit in this latest edition of The Top10 magazine by unveiling who’s who on the top 10 list of Igbo business moguls shaping Nigeria’s economy.


The Igbo entrepreneurs have no doubt established a stronghold in the Nigerian economy as business superpowers. But unlike other ethnic groups where wealth is controlled by few people, wealth is evenly more distributed in the Igbo society, making it difficult to differentiate between those on the top 10 list, top 20, top 30 and so on.


Led by one of our best hands of Igbo extraction, with over 30 years-experience in business-journalism practice backed with deep understanding of Igbo entrepreneurs, our anchor man was able to dig deep into the Igbo business world to identify the big of the biggest top 10 business moguls and the business superpowers of the Igbo extraction shaping Nigeria’s economy captured here as the lead cover of the latest edition of The Top10 magazine.


This is accompanied with well researched and informed articles by experts on Igbo Entrepreneurship and what Igbo entrepreneurs represent in the economic development of Nigeria. This, plus other interesting sections of the magazine make this edition a must-read.


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