Dangote, Okorocha, Ovia, Elumelu, others named Nigeria’s Top 10 Philanthropists

The Top10 magazine, Nigeria’s foremost monthly publication has released the list of Nigeria’s top 10 philanthropists, under the title, “Top 10 Philanthropists behind Nigeria’s Largest Private Foundations”.

In the latest edition of the magazine which looks at the stakes and contributions of Nigeria’s largest private foundations, the magazine lists the top 10 philanthropists leading the pack of individuals that have committed substantial part of their wealth to philanthropy and humanitarian services.

Top on the list are Aliko Dangote, founder of Aliko Dangote Foundation; Rochas Okorocha, founder of Rochas Foundation; Tony Elumelu, founder of Tony Elumelu Foundation; Jim Ovia, founder of Jim Ovia Foundation and Theophilus Y. Danjuma, founder of TY Danjuma Foundation. Others are; Emeka Offor, founder of Sir Emeka Offor Foundation; Oba Otudeko, founder of Oba Otudeko Foundation; Folorunso Alakija, founder of Rose of Sharon Foundation; Muhammadu Indimi, founder of Mohammadu Indimi Foundation and Subomi Michael Balogun, founder of Otunba Tunwase Foundation.

Mr. Tony Iji, publisher of The Top10 Magazine, said in a release that, “In line with our tradition of celebrating 10 leading lights in every sector of the society, this edition of the magazine focuses on the top 10 Nigerian philanthropists who have distinguished themselves with proven track record of commitment to philanthropy and service to humanity by committing substantial part of their wealth to the development of the society”.

He said that the initiative behind this edition is in response to the continuous strategic important role of philanthropy to societal development in view of the inability of government to provide all societal needs. In Nigeria, government is well behind in meeting the millennium development goals but philanthropy is on the way to the rescue. Philanthropic agents have become a major balancing force as competing interests and many political hurdles have kept government intervention in human welfare continually sub-optimal.

He said the major criteria for selection of the top 10 were; size of their foundations, track record of activities, volume of interventions, strategic importance of areas of focus and evidence of impact created in the society by their foundations.

“In Nigeria, a good number of philanthropists through their foundations are involved in poverty reduction and employment creation, educational funding, creation and management of public works, social services/community infrastructures and combating environment deterioration. There are also a good number of activities of the foundations in defense of public interests, children’s and civil rights, elimination of discrimination and promotion of equal opportunities etc”.

He said that credit must be given to hundreds of philanthropic men and women making these great interventions in society in many fronts through the various foundations they have created.

He said that celebrating the few that have distinguished themselves among hundreds of other philanthropists behind all these interventionist activities in the society is our little way of encouraging other Nigerians to invest in the business of helping humanity for the good of the society.