Adewale Aladejana: Resigning from paid employment was my best decision ever

AladejanaAdewale Aladejana is probably one of the current most popular young entrepreneurs on the horizon in the Nigerian business scene. He is the managing director and chief executive officer of Sapphire Scents, a wholesale and retail company that sells rare fragrance like Oud, Frankincense and Myrrh. He started his business with just N30,000 over two years ago but has been able to transform the investment into a multimillion Naira company within two years. Today, Aladejana has not only made himself a millionaire by selling perfume, he has produced many young millionaires through his company’s distributorship partnership with young Nigerians who have signed on as distributors to his company. As at today, the company has 160 distributors covering 19 states of Nigeria, UK, US, Ghana, Cameroon etc. As a result of high demand for his products, the company is currently seeking investors who are willing to invest in the company with the promise of high return in the investment. In this chat at the company’s showroom in Abuja with the publisher of The Top10 Magazine, Tony IjiMr. Aladejana shared the inspiring story of his journey from grass to grace.


The Top10 Magazine has been following your story in the last few days and we are impressed with the little we read about you. I believe a lot of people would be interested in knowing more details about you and your journey into perfume business. Who is Wale Aladejana? Can you give us insight into your background?


My name is Wale Aladejana, I am the 7th out of nine children from my parents. Though I am from Ekiti state, I was born and brought up in Ibadan.

My father was a businessman who ran one of the most successful bookshops in Nigeria in the 80s called Bisi Books but he later became a politician and we relocated to Abuja. After graduating from Bowen University, I got a job with the TY. Danjuma Foundation and I was posted to Benin.

In Benin, something happened in the office where an injustice was being meted out to somebody but I didn’t like what happened and I wrote a petition against it to the head office in Abuja which later landed me in trouble with my superiors. My superiors later recommended me to be sacked but I was saved by one director. As a punishment I was transferred from Benin to Abuja.


That was how I came back to Abuja. And I remember resuming at the office and everybody was looking at me like, let us see how this gentleman is going to make something out of his life. I told them when I got to Abuja that sending me back to Abuja was the best thing that could ever happen to me in my life, they didn’t understand what I was saying at that time. What   I meant was that Benin was small, but in Abuja, there are more opportunities and then, I had a couple of ideas that I felt I will be able to make things happen for myself, one of which I knew was that I am quite good on social media so I felt like I could start developing social media strategies for organizations and all of that.

I was squatting with my younger brother and we didn’t have anything, everything that we had before now was bought by the office, even the mattress. It was when my wife was coming over that I quickly rushed to go and buy one mattress, all we had was our mattress,all our books and cloths were in Ghana-must-go bags. I had one TV, one washing machine, one sound system,and that was all.

We set up every other thing in the room my brother gave us and that was it. During my break time I would just rush over and submit my proposals to organizations hoping that something would come up from there and I will be able to raise enough rent to at least get us a decent apartment. Along the way I remember walking up to my ED at the foundation then and I began to plead with her that my wife is seven months pregnant, this and that  and she said; Wale, the boss is the boss! And that whatever the boss says is the final.

And I realized that there was something absolutely wrong with that statement, telling me that regardless of if someone’s lifeis being destroyed which they had already done to that organization and now this is another young man here, you don’t care what happens as far as this cabalcannot be broken. I looked at her, she was an elderly woman and I felt like I will not have this kind of thinking and I will not do this when I have my own organization, I will let things happen with truth, I will not meddle with facts and play God. I kept on squatting with my brother and submitting proposals but I wasn’t getting any feedback.

Before April 5th, let me digress a bit; I had been close to Chief Femi Fani Kayode  for a while, you know, and before he became the director of the campaign I told him I was now back in Abuja, he said that was good and that something was about to happen. The moment they announced him as the director for the campaign of GoodluckJonathan, he called me up and said, wale come and be my P.A and I was very excited. I felt that God had answered my prayer and that good things would happen, my hopes were high.  I remember I took my leave at work then to focus on that appointment. But after a while, I began to realize that this was not the kind of life I wanted to live and I realize that  for most politicians, what they are outside, is not what they are inside. They look like these set of freedom fighters, people that really know what they’re doing but, people that are close to them have a different picture entirely but I don’t like that, it wasn’t something nice. After a while, we had a falling-out.

I strongly believe that one of the reasons why the former president loss the election was because, the caliber of people they were working with during that campaign were very ridiculous people. At the campaign office where FFK was the director of the publicity, the chief of staff which the EFCC is looking for by the way right now, was avery horrible man called Oke. He was in charge of dispensing money for people who were given contracts and everything for thecampaign.

This man would hold every body’s money, at the end of the day when he finally releases the money, he would give them the money short and tell them to take it or leave it. For those of us that were working there, he would hold everybody’s salary. He was just really wicked and I’m not surprised that EFCC is looking for him. I don’t know the kind of evil things he did to other people but the man was really wicked.

At a point I was made to head a social media campaign during the election. I remember our first meeting at the Asokoro office then, and some people felt like “who is this young boy, and where is he coming from?” So they disrupted the meeting and quickly went and gave him a report that I cannot handle that area, and he took me off. I felt so bad, not knowing that it wasGod protecting me and answering my prayers because, if things had gone the way it was supposed to be, I wouldn’t have had my credibility in place today.

I was being treated like an outcast and a nonentity at that campaign office even though I was much more gifted and I knew my capabilities on social media more than most of the people that were being paid millions to do nonsense during the campaign. I remember going to my church and I was just at the altar praying and crying and I told God you know what, “I want to work for you. I believe You are the only one who will not cheat me” Every other person, most of these elderly people don’t have any good qualities that anyone should emulate, they could not be followed, they were not role models because if anybody follows them you are about to crash and end up in a bad way.

My former EDwas disgraced out of office, we also know the case of these politicians. I just told God you are the only one I believe I can work for that will not cheat me. And God told me that I would do my own thing but I didn’t know exactly what it was.

By April 2015, it was my wife’s birthday. The way I grew up: we were quitewell to do, all our houses were beautiful six bedroom mansions and here I was with my wife squatting in my younger brother’s house with our baby and our mattress on the floor, and nothing more. On that day Iwanted to make her feel very special so I got her a phone and a gold chain out of my N120, 000 salary. By the time I bought her those things, my salary   had finished. I guess I was excited and I was carried away with buying things.  I began to think to myself that I needed to do something, I still had 3-4 weeks to go with a wife and a baby and my salary had finished.

And then an idea came to me: there weresome of my friends using this perfume called OUD, it was really nice and I have always been a perfume person but I never knew it was a gift. I asked them what perfume it was and they say it was OUD and I asked where they were getting the OUD from and they saidit was from the Middle East.  I had a friend who was coming in from the Middle East and I told her to buy a bottle of this OUDthat everybody was talking aboutfor me.

When I started using the perfume, it was really nice and I said to myself, maybeI can startselling this perfume, and that was how I started.  I remember I had only N30, 000 with me and I went to Wuse market because I know that OUD is close to what Hausa people are using. I started asking for where I could getOUD perfumeall over Wuse market and I finally found it, that was how I started the business with N30,000.

I did a lot of research on social media to found out everything about OUDperfumes and I realized that it has been in existence for a long time, and it’s very ancient. In the bible it was calledaloes and all ancient literature have something about OUD. I was impressed by what I found and that was the confidence I had to start marketing it on the social media. To draw people’s attention, I toldthem that if you have not used OUD, you have not used perfumes at all and this is how royalty smells, the perfume for Kings and lots of hype.

Many people didn’t know the perfume but out of curiosity they told me, “Abeg make I buy this your perfume” and that was how I started. I remember my neighbor buying two and the moment you buy one, I would snap the picture and p0st it on the social media saying this person just bought a bottle of OUD and when people began to notice that the perfume was selling, they began to patronize it and I was just selling every day. By the timeI realized it, in three months I had made a million naira from the comfort of my office. What I did then wasthat, once I get to my office, I would upload on my BBM, Facebook and Instagram and all my social media platforms about this perfume and I would continue with my work. By the time I check my phone again, somebody would have made enquiries and I would reply them, send them pictures, and they would send money to my account. By 12 o’clock during my break, I would quickly rush to CHISCO Motors to send them and come back to my office and that was how I was doing. By the time it was August, I got an online store at Konga and I remember making my first sale on konga.

I visited my pastor; Rev Biodun Fatoyinbo of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA)  and told himwhat was going on with me and how in three months, I have made a million naira in this business and I just made my first sale on he looked at me andsaid “Wale, come and see me the next day” that was on August 23rd and on 24thAugust, I went back to see him. He said to me, “Wale, there is something with you about this business,it’s either people like you a lot or I don’t understand how you are selling two types of perfume (I was selling just two types: one for men and another for women)  and you are selling every day, there is something with  you about this business” And he said, “Wale,this is what I want you to do, I want you to travel, expand this business, start making deals with the manufacturers, and start bringing them in cargo.” I was just looking at him and saying to myself,“does this man have any idea of how much all these things he is mentioning will cost?”  And the next thing, he brought out his cheque book and said “Wale, what name do you collect money with at the bank?” And I told him.  When somebody wants to give you money you may feel “okay, he wants to encourage me.” In my mind I was thinking he was going to give me maybeN100,000 in support of the business which is a big  deal, but he brought out a cheque and I saw a million naira. I nearly fainted and I was just there looking dumbfounded but he said “Wale it’s nothing”and he prayed for me and said,“this money will not finish, go and explode, go and take over” and that was the day Sapphire Scentswas officially born. And I quickly rushed to do my passport because the one I had before had expired.

When I was traveling, I can’t really remember what I told them in the office, but I remember blocking everyone of them in my office from my Facebook account because I knew that for me to really advertise and get the best out of this my trip, I needed to be on social media and people need to see what was going on with me, and that was the advert I needed to move this business to the next level. By the time it was July of that year, something happened. One of my mentors called me from UK and began to tell me about one of those network marketing businesses. I didn’t want to be part of what they were doing, I don’t like it. One ofthe things I don’t like about network marketing was that, credible people will come and talk to you about something that is not credible,at the end of the day you will lose your money and they too will lose their respect. I felt like okay, since this gentleman is the one that is talking to me, maybe things will be different. By the time I got to into it, I realized that it was thesame old thing and nothing spectacular. I realized I was smarter than these people, network marketing will tell you this is the product even if you don’t sell the product and you introduce people you will build your down line and start making money. I thought that it wasn’t smart business by any standard, every good business is built on a product. Apple is a product, Coca-cola is a product, Mercedes is a product, Samsung is a product, and all these things are built on products, not on things thatwill not stand. So, I realized that I was smarter than these people and  I realizedthat I could make this simple; I am the wholesaler, I can get distributors that will pay me a fee and be getting these products at a discounted rate and be selling for a profit. So I began there and then to advertise for distributors and I remember startingthe distributorship registration fee with N15,000. I posted it on social media that distributors are needed and people began to call me to make enquiries and before I knew it, distributors started signing up.

Was it before you travelled?

Certainly, before I traveled because distributors started signing up in July, while I traveled in August.And before I traveled I had like 14 distributors already at that time and I realized that social media was crucial to getting more people to join us. So I developed a strategy even from the airport and it was like a show off, but it was my own form of advertising. I would share the history of the business on Facebook: howwe started with N30, 000,and now we are going to the Middle East to meet the finest manufacturers.

When I got to Dubai, I took pictures of new samples of the perfumes and posted on social media, we were just creating momentum and awareness so people would know that we were for real. Even from Dubai, my account was just hitting, people were just sending me money to register as distributors or to buy. By the time I came back with the products, half of it was sold out before I landed and I had already created that path by making contacts, made good relationship and connections, found agents and so on. So now all I have to do is to send money to the Middle East and they will buy the perfumes and send it back to me. We kept on doing that for a while and I was doing very well until suddenly, I was on Instagram one day and I discovered that there actually some people who had a store and they were selling our own kind of perfumes, I prided myselfin being the first person to bring these perfumes to Nigeria, nobody knew them before now. All I did was to travel to sample and buy new perfumes I have realized that my nose is my gift. I remember smelling one of the perfumes in Dubai and Ijust the Emirati guy that was selling it and said my guy “we don hammer” he did not understand what I meant, but because I had a nose for perfumes, I could tell that the perfume was going to be a best seller.

I used to tell my clients “if you see this perfume anywhere come and collect your money back” because I was so certain that unless you go to where I went to, you can’t find it. Finding these people on social mediawas really a surprise. When I investigated it I got to discoverthat there was a kano connection, where they actually made adulterated perfumes and there is a way you can mix it with ethanol. Even some of the pictures I took on my table and put on Facebook was on their page. They were advertising thesame things we were advertising either they had the perfume or not, although they had some and I began to think to myself, that I needed to have a better solution because I would have issues with the way it was going I needed to find a solution to that.

Before then, Ihave started bringingin some oils just like some of theseones you are seeing on the table. The last time I traveled I saw a lot of oils but I didn’t know what to do with them although I brought some, all I was selling then were spray perfumes. After that time, I had a client that was going to the State House (Aso Rock), he had been using my spray perfume and then he said “Wale, I need you to mix something for me, I’m going to the State House for a very important meeting and I want to steal the show, I want my perfume to take over the place when I enter.”Before then I had bought some oils then which I was just using for myself and I mixed some oils for him and he went to the state house. At the state house, he passed the first lady and the first lady called him back to ask him, “young man what perfume is that?” He came back and told me and I knew that I needed to take this very serious because there is something here.

At that point Irealized that if I could make perfumes for peoplegoing to the State House and the First Lady was calling them back, and I said wait, “if you are doing something serious like this, then why can’t you start your own line of perfume?” That was how we started our own line of perfume, Sapphire Attar, (attar means concentrated perfume oil) it was from the oilsand there is no way anybody can copy our line of perfumes because you don’t know what we mixed together to get our own brand.

You mixed your own brand?

Yes, my own brand.


After buying the oils from Dubai?

Yes, after buying theoils from over there, I would come here and mix my own line. Right now, we have eight different types of attars, we have candles, car fresheners, beard oil, industrial diffusers and also our bespoke fragrances we are still growing every day.

Most of our distributors, a lot of them have never sold anything before, they knew that they just needed extra money and I told them that see, this thing is simple, as long as you have friends on social media, as long as you have a smart phone, just advertise on your social media platforms. I discover that any other person could do what I learnt.There are a lot of people who can’t do much at their office but they need extra money. The same way you have friends from primary school, to secondary, to university,from church, and all over. All these people use perfumes, everyone uses perfumes.

If you do the same thing; if you begin to advertise like that, they can start buying from youjust to encourage you but eventually they realize that what you are selling is good, they will keep patronizing you. That was the strategy for the distributorship. After that, all these distributors began to do very well. We have some of them within two months, they have made a million naira, people are buying cars, and traveling for vacation. I mean,everybody is doing very well, and we just kept on going and right now we have over 160 distributors.


How many?

Over 160 distributors

In how many states?

In 19 states of Nigeria, UK, US, Ghana, Cameroon and we are still going on with it.


What is the qualification to be a distributor?

Well, now it cost N150, 000 to be a registered distributor. When we started just two years ago, it was N15, 000 but now it’s N150, 000.


Now, when you were going into this business, you have people around you,maybe you might have discussed with them that you were resigning from your work to sell perfume, many people will not see goldmine in selling perfume, what was the feeling, were you encouraged or discouraged?


Nobody encouraged me,I was squatting in my brother’s house when we started,  hecalled me one day and said, “Wale, you are selling perfume, which perfume? It’s not even a designer perfume, all this turrari/Hausa perfume that is what you are selling? I mean, how do you think you can make it with this kind of business?” I remembered I didn’t say much, I was just looking at him because I was squatting in his house. So far so good, at that point he was proved right, but I realized that I was making money every day, and that was something. And before I knew it, I realized I was making money than my salary, I was making money far outweighing my salary. I mean, even in a day, I was spending maybe more than my salary, and that was something. And to cap it all,they transferred me again, remember they had transferred me from Benin earlier, and now again to Taraba State. And at that point, I wanted to resign but the same board member that saved me the other time from being fired advised me to go to Taraba. So because of him, I went and being in Taraba for three weeks washell, and I remember promising myself that I will never live a life without options. I will always have a choice. At the airport, when I was coming back to Abuja, I decided to focus on my business. Ihad been a salary earner for 3-4 years, I was a little bit shaky because I didn’t know what to expect but I knew that this was the right step to takeand I took it. Looking back, it’s the best decision I have ever made in my life because I resigned officially in December 2015, but they did not give me acceptance to my letter of resignation till 2016. Let just say officially like a year,so between 2015 and now, which is a year since I resigned now, you cannot compare it by any standard. I remember going back to my former office a while back, and they were telling me that their salary has just been increased to N170, 000a month and I was just looking and laughing at themwhen I have started giving people a million naira. I just realize that it was God that made me to takethat special decision, and there has been no regret, it hasbeen fun all the way.

What were the major challenges?

One of the major challenges we had was the issue ofpeople perceiving oud as Hausa perfumes, these perfumes have Arabic inscription on them. So people say its turari or Hausa perfume we had that challenge, so we began to educate people.

So we began to educate people to understand that it’s not Hausa perfume, there are some perfumes that are low quality but this is OUD. We also explained that the reason why they have Arabic on them was that, they don’t speak English in the Middle East. If it was from China they will write Chinese, if it’s France they will write French, the reason why they have Arabic on them is because they don’t speak English in the middle east, not because they are Hausa perfumes. And we had to educate people that way until finally, people started accepting them, little by little. It was a very herculean task. I had distributors that put money down, and were so enthusiastic to join us but when they showed it to their friends, they would start laughing at them. And some were very discouraged but the story has changed today, everybody now want to sell what we are selling.

Now what type of relationship do you have with the manufacturers, are you a franchise dealer now or what type of relationship do you have with them?

I just have a deal with them, I don’t have a franchise. Because I felt like, if I have a franchise, it will limit me. What if tomorrow people want to switch perfumes or peoplewant new brand of perfumes? It means I have to be on their neck to produce new setof perfumes, I will not be flexible. So what I had to do was to make a deal with them. I just buy at wholesale prices because many times I don’t know what I would buy.I sample over two hundred types of perfumes when I traveland I make selection from different places.So I felt like having franchise would limit me and I have been right so far.

The perfume you brought are there manufactured by one company or different companies?

Different companies and you know, am not for a particular type of brand. It’s wherever we have quality perfumes that we go to look for.

Now, you have spoken about it before, the initial perfume you bought for N30,000, where were you getting them from?

We had people that use to travel and bring them in from Dubai, they were in Nigeria here so I will go and meet them. They were supplying me but the quality of what they were giving me was not very good. It was okay for starts but it’s not like what we are selling now. Even they were limited in their stock. Like I said the other time,they were selling just two types, so imagine selling only two types to everybody. So it was a very limited market and what they had was not okay.

And those people are still in the market?

Yea, they are still in the market

So now they are your competitors, so what edge do you think you have over them, because you started buying from them and now you have taken the market to some level, what edge do you think you have over them?

Well, as a matter of fact I don’t see them as my competitors by any standard. Because they didn’t know what they were selling, and that is where research, knowledge and education is very important. These guys were just selling perfume that Northerners would like. To them it was just OUD; it wasn’t a big deal to them. It’s just like somebody packing Toyota, Bentley, Mercedes and all this cars together and said abeg, am selling cars, but he didn’t make any different between them because as far as they are concerned,  they are just cars but somebody with knowledge can just come and say, that is Mercedes, that is Bentley. That was exactly what happened. They were just selling collectively. I was the one that went there and handpicked what I felt was going to change the market, so that is it.

And now the business is just like two years, and you just opened two show rooms in Lagos and Abuja. What is the significance of that to the growth of the business?

It’s very significant because, before now, I was working from my three bedroom apartment, I converted one of the rooms to my office and of course, you can’t just bring everybody there and distributors, especially in Lagos, a lot of distributors wanted to sign up for the business but they will ask you, where is your office?And you then start telling them thatwe don’t have office in Lagos or we don’t have office here in Abuja, you know, it’s sure that it willlimit the business. You know Nigerians; they like to see before they can do anything because we spoke on WhatsApp does not mean you will start sending you my money, and you know we didn’t have a face before now. People just knew our business on social media and most of the people that were doing business with us were families, friends, somebody that knows somebody that knows us, that is the only way they could verify us but now it’s now a total different ball game. People can, walk into a particular place and come for their business and that has blown our business all over.

We started witha franchising system which means I can now have a Sapphire Scentsfranchise with One Million Naira. So anybody that comes now,I can show you the model of what we have on ground and so you can go and duplicate it in your state. And so, that has taken our business to a whole new level and we are much more professional, we are much more up there.

Looking back after two years, what did you have to tell people who are hoping for this type of opportunity but are afraid to take up the challenge of quitting paid job and go into private business, especially a business that does not look like agoldmine, what advice do you have for them?

I will tell them that, when it gets to that point where you wake up in the morning to go to your office and you are tired, just know that your time is ticking because, if you don’t sack yourself, they will sack you eventually.When you don’t have energy for the job any longer, and you are just going there because of the salary, just know that your clock is ticking. And as you are behaving that way, all those people are noticing you and eventually your time is ticking and they will kick you out. So it’s either you take yourself out first, or they take you out eventually.

I also want to tell you thatwhatever thing that you are good at, that you have been getting compliments from people is worth focusing on and don’t deceive yourself, you know so many people deceive themselves,someone who does not know how to sing will say, people said I sing very well. And in actual fact, you know that this skill is not marketable. Whatever you feel you want to go into, make sure you are already putting some little change in your pocket. It may not be much, but it’s an indication that if youfocus 100% on it, you will do very well. We have a lot of people that sell food to their friends, they are doing that on a small scale and they are making small change. So it shows that if you focus on that, you will do very well. Make sure that whatever it is, you are planning on make sure it’s something you have tested. I’m not one of the people that will tell everybody to take that step, it’s not everybody that is born to be an entrepreneur, and its a scary world out there. One of my best scriptures in the Bible says, “The wonders of God are for those who go into deep waters.” You must be fearless, you must be bold,otherwise, it’s not a worldwhere you go halfway and you want to turn back, it doesn’t happenthat way. Once you have made that decision, you must stick to it.So you have to be sure from the beginning of what you are getting into.

You are a business man, an evangelist, and from what I read about you, you are also a social media activist to some extent. How do you combine all these and leverage on them?

Well, I think they are all interconnected, my business is on social media, 98% of my business is done on social media.  Social media evangelism was what I actually started with. Every morning for the past 6-7 years, I would put up a post in the morning, admonishing people, encouraging people, and all these were based on my own convictionsas well because when Jesus said we should go into the world and preach the gospel, I believe He was talking about today. You can be in Nigeria and somebody in America, UK and all over the world are reading your message that could not be done before. So the social media is the fastest way to reach people andto preach the gospel to them. That has been my message, and that has been my strategy aswell,and we havea lot of people that have been reached and we combine that with business. Business is spiritual, otherwise, every other person will go into business and be making but it doesn’t happen that way. I’m convinced that God wants pastors, evangelist and also want business people so I believe that I am called to be a social media evangelist, and also a business man.

I have seen in your office that you prepare Bespoke perfumes for top executives, what value has that to your business?

You know, we Nigerians are very fashionable people, we love to be exclusive, that is why somebody will buy a car and put his name on it. We love to have something that nobody ever has. Somebody said to me some times that“if you want to honour a king, one of the things that a king likes is his smell. And you will never perceive a king smelling anyhow, it is not possible, he always smells good” and one of the best ways to honour people is to create a bespoke perfume for them; the one that is uniquely done that nobody else has ever used and no one knows the recipe except the perfumer. It has really helped our business. We have a lot of clients we create bespoke perfumes for and once people are satisfied with what they get, they will always keep on coming back.

When it’s delivered to these people, do they reach out to you?

Yes, they reach out to us, they never forget us, that is for sure and they tell other people. We had a lot of feedback from them. I remember the one we did for former president,Abdulsalam Abubakar, he sent us a feedback to say he really loves it. We did for Senator Dino and so many of them always love it.

Do you have a diary oftheir birthdays?

Yes,we have a diary and we keep recipes as well. We keep that especially so that if they want to create the same perfume next time, we can do the same thing. We also use them to honor our mentors as well. Whenever we want to honor someone, we create a bespoke perfume for them.

I can see that you give a lot of credit to God in the journey so far, what is the place of God in your business?

Whao.God is the Center, I don’t know how all other people do their business, but for me, I don’t believe that I’m verysmart or because I know how to put one plus one together than other people. The bible says in Isaiah 48:17, “I am the one who teaches you to profit, I lead you by the way which you should go”. God is a Teacher, He can teach you how to make perfumes, how to sell it, how to make money, how to explode your business. So without that advantage, I will not be where I amin two years.

I remember I think it was in Nairaland, where they put up a post about how our business and how a N30,000businessbecame multi millions in two years. And all I could see in the comment section was, “it’s a lie, tell us the truth,what are you telling us”. It was then I sat down and  I began to realize that waoh, in actual fact, this is not possible except that God is in it.

You started with N30,000,what is the worth of sapphire scent?

I can tell you that sapphire scent is a multimillion naira business, I can tell you that for sure, it’s a multimillion naira business.

What are your future plans, you selling OUD perfumes which are produced from different manufacturers and now you are getting to a stage where you are now mixingdifferent types to get your own brand. That means in future you may end up producing perfumes in Nigeria. What are your future plans?

Yes,as a matter of fact, we have gotten a land, onehectare of land at Lugbe here in Abuja already.

We are working to get a factory started, and I have also started research on how we can have locally produced OUD. We want to do everything locally.How we can be producing crystal bottles in Nigeria, instead of getting oilsover from there and mixing in Nigeria, we want to be doing everything locally and we have started research. These packages are done in Nigeria, but the bottles come from the Middle East but we are looking at the scenariowhere we can be producing everything in Nigeria. And I know we will get there, a lot of research is ongoing and I know we will get there.


You are contributing in one way or the other to the development of Nigeria through direct or indirect employment.How many staff do you have in your company? 

Directly, I have 4 staff that work with me directly, but like I have always said, that is not our target only, our main people are the distributors, who are now over 160 and what we always tell them is that you can stop being paid only 12 times in 365 days, you can own your own business by joining sapphire scent, all you have to do is register with 150k,  get perfumes from me,  sell and you make your own money and that way we have created a lot of independent people, we have a lot of our distributors who are resigning from their jobs these days because they are making more money from the perfume than from their jobs, so they are using their other time to do other things they enjoy doing. #

What is the investment drive your company is currently embarking on all about?


With our large distributors, we have more demands for our perfumes than we can supply, that is why we are looking for investors who will invest in the company for a period of time that will give them handsome reward on their investment. We will sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with interested investors who are willing to invest between N500,000 to 2million Naira for a short period of time, which will earn them handsome reward on investment.