About The Top10

Welcome to The Top10 Magazine

Who we are:

The Top10 Magazine is a monthly publication by Toncam Communications Limited based in Lagos, which is conceived as a platform to celebrate excellence and individuals and organizations who distinguished themselves as the leading lights of their segment of the society or sectors. Some other sections of the magazine include The Dynasty, The Founder, Corporate Succession, Corporate X-Ray, Inside Luxury Market, The Professional, etc.


Our focus and target audience are the Executives, Achievers, CEOs, Young Managers, Celebrities, Professionals, Aspiring Future Leaders, Etc.

Complementary Copies
We have a robust data base of who is who in the economy whom we send complementary copies to every month irrespective of subscription and those who buy from our sales outlets.

Print Quality:
We place high premium on our print quality. For this reason, we have chosen to print in one of the best printing press in Lagos with the selection of very high quality papers.

The magazine comes out every month.

Print Run
We print between 10, 000-15,000 copies every month.

We circulate at selected premium outlets such as Airports, Big Hotels, High Profile Restaurants and Lounges, Recreation Centers, etc. For effective circulation, we have appointed two magazine circulation companies, Newsstand Agencies of Nigeria and Magazine Circulation Company of Nigeria, leading magazine distribution agencies with circulation network across the country as our distribution partners.

We have high subscription base across various strata of the society, from corporate executives to religion leaders. Over 1,000 and the list is still growing

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